Ultrasonography resources

Based on our experience, we have pooled the main ultrasonography resources on line. All of theses resources are free of charges, and online.

  • GrepMed : This website gathered many images and ultrasonography GiF. Created by Dr. Gerald Diaz, this is a must watch.
  • NephroPOCUS : Created by a Nephrologist from Wisconsin, this website is well-known for his visual and impactful infographics on POCUS.
  • ddxof : You will find there practical algorithms for multiples diseases, with a big part on ultrasonography. You should try the « ddxof » iPhone app too.
  • Critical Care Northampton : Known for Critical Care reviewing, this website offers also a #FOAMed part. You will find useful ultrasonography resources, and interesting clips.
  • Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine : Main ultrasonography revue, you will find the latest ultrasonography articles.
  • Core Ultrasound : Probably the reference in ultrasonography #FOAMed, you will find a lot of useful ultrasonography resources in there. Note that the « Tools » part of this website will be treated below in this article.
  • Pocus101: Website specialised in POCUS and #FOAMed, with high quality post on subject.
  • SPOCUS : The Society of Point of Care Ultrasound is an American association who’s promoting POCUS training.
  • ThePocusAtlas : Main collaborative platform on ultrasonography, you will find here a huge video clip bank. Please note that an iPhone and Android app exists to visualise theses videos clips on your smartphone.
  • EchoLoco : French website from our partner Dr Michel Chahbenderian, where you can find educational videos clips on MSK ultrasonography.

Useful softwares

  • CloudConverter : This online software allows you to convert all your images or videos clips on any format. Google Drive integration is very useful for converting large amount of files in a short period of time.
  • CoreUltrasound softwares : Real goldmine, you will find in CoreUltrasound website a « Tools » part. Essential educational software are held there, like SonoGif or Pluck, who will gladly enhanced your ultrasonography courses.

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